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We serve the California counties of San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo, Solano, and Santa Clara. Please specifically inquire for cases outside of these venues. 

Conflict arises, accidents happen, and although you try to be reasonable ... the other side just won't ​listen. You realize it's time you need a lawyer.

As litigators, Coit Law Group (CLG) is committed to advancing its clients’ interests and goals with outside-the-box and often unique strategies to favorably bring a case to resolution. Often that means within the justice system. With over 15 years of experience in court rooms across the United States,  CLG offers a experienced representation with a client focus.


Experienced litigators

full commitment

All of our clients have one thing in common: they demand unyielding counsel who respect the seriousness of their case. Counsel who collaboratively work to expeditiously get the results originally sought. From personal injury and employment cases, to business litigation and estate matters, we focus on our clients' varying goals. Our counsel have handled hundreds of cases, representing a vast variety of clients. Clients who have uniformly called on CLG's counsel to fight for their rights in court: often against steep odds and often deep pockets. Approaching each case with our full dedication, we are committed to our clients' interests and exceeding their expectations.